The Player Experience
is Everything

Founded in 2019 by a team of industry veterans, Slotmill is an MGA licensed provider of premium casino games, focused on providing unique quality content by pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. At Slotmill meticulous attention is paid to every detail during design and development as we believe that the secret to success lies in flawless execution. All games feature HD graphics & animations and well-balanced math. This together with a team with extensive industry experience, and using the latest technology enables us to offer players the ultimate gaming experience.

Our games consist of elements that are truly ahead of the game!


By leveraging the latest technology, we are able to deliver super light-weight games despite using full HD graphics! Minimizing load times is important not only as the tolerance for latency diminish, but equally in poor network conditions or where the cost of bandwidth is high. Our games are on average 10MB which is significantly smaller than our competitors.

Boosting Excitement

In response to changing player preferences when it comes to gameplay, the Slotmill games have two integrated excitement enhancing features; “BURST MODE” and “FAST TRACK”. Burst Mode is an enhanced auto-play with with a play-through of two game rounds per second and Fast Track offers players the option to go directly into the bonus features of the games. Both Burst Mode and Fast Track have proven immensely popular among players.

Streamlined UI

The Slotmill games feature an intuitive and simplified user interface optimized for small screens. In our quest to simplify for the players, the concept of “coins” has been eliminated and gameplay takes place in the casino currency giving players complete transparency of how much they bet and win.

21 Languages

Slotmill games are currently available in 21 languages. These are: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese (S), Russian, English, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazil), Vietnamese, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Greek, French, Danish and Romanian.

Proven Platform

The Slotmill games run on a proven and well-established platform that allows for easy integration and supports a wealth of functionality including free-rounds, crypto currency and extensive reporting.

Regulated Markets

The portfolio of games has been certified in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Malta. Ensuring that the games are approved for these markets, extends Slotmill’s reach and solidifies the commitment to meet local regulations.