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Unleash the Power of Ragnarok!

Step into the mythical world of Ragnarok, where Norse legends come to life in a captivating Avalanche Cluster Pays slot. Set against a 5×5 grid, this game invites you to embark on a journey filled with thrilling features and epic rewards.
Trigger avalanches as winning clusters explode, paving the way for new symbols and potentially endless riches. What sets Ragnarok apart is its Progressive Win Multiplier, which DOUBLES with each win, giving the potential for monumental wins!

Witness the awe-inspiring power of Giant Symbols, reminiscent of the gods themselves, as they grace the grid with colossal payouts.
With Wilds enhancing your chances of victory and Free Spins where the multiplier remains active throughout, Ragnarok holds the potential for an unforgettable odyssey through the realms of ancient gods and heroes.

Dare to spin the reels and claim your place among legends!

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Game Name / Release date Ragnarok / 12th March 2024
Game ID ragnarok
Game URL ""
Game Type 5x5 Video Slot
Paylines 5+ cluster pays
RTP (%) 96.12%
Volatility (variance) High
Bet Levels min / max (€ $ £) 0,20 - 60
Max win; x Bet 10 000x
Bonus Features Free Spins Bonus, Giant Symbols, Progressive Multiplier
Special Symbols Bonus, Wilds
Graphics Full HD
Client size Mobile 8.2 (*4.3 MB excl. sounds) / Desktop 11.2 MB
Languages DA, DE, EN, ES, ET, FI, FR, GR, IT, JA, KO, LT, LV, NO, NL, PT, RO, RU, SV, TH, TR, VI, ZH, UK